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The finest creation mankind has ever made.

This game is art. The finest creation that mankind has ever made. Hoover dam? No. Great pyramids of Giza? No. Moon landings. Close. But no. Goat Simulator.


I reallllly love this game but I would rate like 456788654334568998754323578998643322 Stars if you make a one like this if you make horse one! But make it awesome as this! So prettttttty plz make a horse one! And only make it $3.45 then I would be the happiest person on the planet!!!!! Dont ignore this as soon as you see this start making imeddietly!

Its okay

It glitches to the home screen. I cant play it other than that please fix it

Multiplayer ?

This game is awesome but maybe you can make a multiplayer game so I can play with friends?



More goats

I is a really fun game but there is really nothing to rather than run around and be stupid and collect goats I have them all so it kinda pointless now

This game is awesome!

This game so much fun! I love it so much it is my favourite game on my phone

Please update for iOS 10

Crashing with iOS 10 please update. Thanks

Isnt this a good time to add another update.

It is June 20th and according to the game it is still Easter bunny time.

Fix it

Keeps crashing cant even play it fix it or refund

Best game, its worth the money

iPhone 5C

Iphone 5 c de crash yiyor /. Getting crash on iPhone 5c

2nd best game

This is my second favorite game because it is funny,fun,creepy,paranormal,but wait somethings missing, where is the multiplayer? This game would be a lot better if it had multiplayer,or at least local multiplayer until there is worldwide multiplayer and I think that would be a good update to work on.you also might get more money,but this is all my opinion so if you dont add it Ill be fine with that because its still kinda good.plz respond

Dont buy

Wont even open past the loading screen! Waste of money!!!

Goat sim

Once I get into the game I tap on the town and it kicks me out,please fix this.


This game is absolutely terrible. First of all, it gets boring after about 5 minutes. There is no point in this game! There is NOTHING you can do in this game besides walk and hit things. Another thing is that the graphics are TERRIBLE. This game is definitely NOT worth $4.99. A complete waste of money.

Add these goats...

THIS GAME IS AWSOME, but there are a few goats I want.... Hulk goat, super goat, darth Vader goat, that blocky goat that is on PC, the blue streak, and a lot more :). I know most of these arent on PC and Xbox but who cares :P BBBYYYYYEEEEEEE!!!!!!! P.S. You did good on the game :)

Great game!

This game is soooo good it is almost better than MINECRAFT one time I was on the game ,I glitches out of the game. That was so cool!

This game needs more

This game is really great! I love how you can unlock different goats and explore the worlds and complete a few tasks. This game is also Hilarious! But I feel like it could have a little more to it. It only has two levels to choose from and they arent very big. Maybe this game would be more fun if it had more levels to play. But even though it may not have a lot of levels, and even though the levels it has arent very big. Its still a pretty amazing game!

Great but lower da money

This is one of the best games Ive ever played but I am bread is better and its only 2 dollars and ur game is 5 freakin dollars for a game thats in last place

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