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I got this game a few months ago for $5. It was working fine, then I went on it the next day and it kept on crashing at the loading screen. Please fix this!

New goat simulator

I think there should be a new city goat simulator, where you can do chores and go to the park, but cant destroy stuff unless asked. There should be cities and countries full of goats. And you should be able to do anything just like in human life.

Most halarious game ever

When I started playing this game I was like Why am I a goat this is stupid but then I started kicking people,getting more goats,and flying around in the air in ragdoll stile Then I was like BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!so you should buy it also buy the other versions this game is good on ANY AND I MEAN ANY devise!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡!

Lost progress

Had all goats and lost them, wish I could rate less

Where is the record button?

There used to be a record button. Now theres only a voice record button....why?! I wanna record gameplay!!! And It wont let me!!

Grate game but there is a problem

Ok befor I start bad mouthing this game I whod like to say I love it. It is one favrit games ever but when I try to go to goutvill it starts to loud then it just crashis on me and I paid good mony on this game so plz fix this

Need payday version

I love the game and all but we need payday pls make the payday version I would love it :3 and I unlocked all goats! And its the best game ever :3

Goating to the Future

With the turdinatior. Goats in the future. I would love that.

It keeps...

Crashing, it keeps crashing and I dont know why. I used to be able to play it, all the time, it was great, but now it crashes before it goes to menu, so now I cant play it.

I cant get past the loading screen

Ive watched my cousin play this game before, but I cant get past the loading screen and its driving me nuts, I just wasted 5$ and I cant even play

Best game, its worth the money

Cant play

Hi, I just wanted to report a problem with the game on my iPhone 6s because it goes to the unreal engine screen then quits the game. The game is amazing but I cant play it so thats why is gave it three stars. Thanks so much!!

iPhone version

I cant record thats it just fix it

Cant download

Im trying to redownload it on my IPad Air 1 and its not downloading. It showing the circle but no progress is being done. It was a great game until I got bored and then I deleted it for more storage but now Im trying to redownload it and its not working plz help

Few suggestions

- merge 3 goats to make one Like anti gravity plus classy plus evil. -new map -multiplayer -there should be a human goat Anyway..BEST GAME EVER!!

Great but

It would be awesome if there was a goat that could stop time and nothing but you could move it would be so cool if they could travel time too


I deleted the game once and before i had no problem with crashing but now it keeps crashing, other than that it is great!


Make the ipad version more like computer goat simulator

Ok I guess

I mean this game is fun for a while.... But you start getting annoyed rag dolling and Theres not much to do. Just play as a goat Thats all..... Doesnt even make sense I dont see how people go: Haha that guy was licked In the p*nis haha that car exploded kinda Dum when thought about waste of money 2/10 just for the everyone enjoys it for the first hour including me so ratings 0/10 logic 0/10 story 5/10 puzzles 10/10 headaches 3/10 fun 10/10 waste of money 7/10 graphics Results: your parents will hate you for stealing there credit card and buying this game with it And waste of money...

Fix it

Keeps crashing cant even play it fix it or refund

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